building the
heart of TBD

The Neighborhood

The MODERNS on Eames Walk are located right in the heart of The Bridge District (TBD).

And where exactly is The Bridge District you ask?

Well, if you've ever been to an event at the BARN, enjoyed a ball game at Raley Field or caught a glimpse of Tower Bridge from the steps of the State Capitol, then you already know where it is. The Bridge District is in West Sacramento, situated on the high terrain overlooking a nearly mile-long stretch of the Sacramento River's natural riparian ecology.

For the past 80 years or so The Bridge District was the place where the wealth of the Sacramento Valley's agricultural production came together to be readied for markets, both near and far. Today, The Bridge District is poised to become our region's best-located urban infill neighborhood that balances a meaningful relationship to the outdoors with living at a responsible urban density (not to mention the very cool architecture that results!)

We invite you to take a spin through the new neighborhood, and get a sense of what the future looks like when it is designed to honor today's sustainability values, our heritage and our natural assets at once.

The Bridge District is the missing puzzle piece of our downtown core–bringing new homes and businesses to the greatest concentration of entertainment, culinary, cultural, educational and business assets in our region.

See the broader view and have a look at The Bridge District's web site for an enlightened view of 21st century urbanism.